Top FIVE reasons why Twitter data is important for your business

Here at ExportData, we firmly believe that Twitter data is highly valuable for every organization operating their marketing activities in the digital world nowadays. As we started developing our product, we realized in-depth various data potentials on growing your sales. In this blog post, we will share our expert opinion and will provide FIVE reasons to answer the question – why Twitter data is valuable for your business?

Followers and following lists analysis helps optimize advertising budgets

First of all, exported Twitter user’s followers and following lists provide insightful information of your personal or any chosen brand audience. Looking into the user’s segment analysis, which could include location, account activity, and others, will help your business to achieve better advertising results. If you are launching a new product in a specific area, it is beneficial to understand what are the pain points for customers who follow a competitor’s account. For example, acknowledging the main interests of the selected audience will help your product or service to a narrow list of keywords you should use in your campaigns. It is applicable across all digital advertising world since everything is based on smart targeting in this era.

Twitter Data for Smart Targeting

Narrowing specific audiences according to information provided helps to understand what marketing approach should be used. Furthermore, Twitter data could be analyzed in many different ways and tailored to your specific marketing and business needs. As mentioned before, you will have an advantage over your competition if you download Twitter account information that they already have gathered. Export Twitter followers and following list and save your valuable time for other marketing activities. Based on average Twitter account statistics, a Twitter user who has sent 1 to 1,000 tweets, organically can grow an average of 51 to 100 followers.

Analyse what your competitors are tweeting about

Obtaining basic follower information for your Twitter account, you need to generate tons of valuable content consistently. So, it is easier just to download Twitter data of your selected user and have extensive follower analytics to work with.

Research your industry competitors’ Twitter accounts by analysing their followers data. It can help your company to adjust marketing strategy into the right direction. For example, you can track the most active followers they have and target your ads directly to potential customers. If people are using one particular service and your company has a better alternative – it’s only the matter of time when you will gain new customers.

Optimized ad campaigns will help reach better results for your business

Established and optimized ad campaigns will help reach better results for your business. Export Twitter data and optimize Twitter ads with tailored audiences.

In modern times Twitter is the primary network for sharing news and opinions. For example, you can get only specific data delivered to you. It is because you follow only accounts you find interest in. This is how everybody else is doing it, right?

Information on Twitter is being delivered faster than news sites. That is why Twitter data helps to stay up-to-date with the latest trends both locally and globally.

Continually updating and taking notice of trending topics will help your organization to remain relevant and take necessary business actions. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to take your local business globally!

Reacting to recent global news makes your company look up-to-date in every aspect.

Past year company called NIVEA showed a great reaction and creative way to get noticed and raise brand awareness. To give you some context – NIVEA is a German personal care brand that specializes in body-care. In the middle of 2019, Russian developed app FaceApp got very popular. It generates highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs by using neural networks based on artificial intelligence. The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or change gender.

People started sharing their photos using hashtag #FaceApp, which became trending on social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. NIVEA used this trend as an advantage for their brand, comparing its skin-care product to an app that makes you look old.

NIVEA ad example how to use Trends

This NIVEA example shows that keeping up to date with current Twitter trends enables your business to stay relevant and raise brand awareness globally. Constantly checking Twitter trending hashtags and keywords will help find a creative marketing approach to reach new customers.

Multiply Twitter data analysis knowledge across other social media platforms

The last example also pointed out one valuable point that we would like to discuss. What’s trending on Twitter – it’s trending worldwide! Therefore, using Tweet analysis enables one to acknowledge trending topics across all other social media platforms.

For example, if you do not use Instagram, Twitter still allows gain information on what could be trending in that platform globally. Past year popular TV sitcom FRIENDS actress Jennifer Aniston created an Instagram account and shared her first photo, including the cast of the show. It basically broke the internet, and even Jennifer’s account was down for several hours due to high user traffic and new followers. At the same time, it became one of the trending topics on Twitter, because people started to share screenshots of her account on Instagram and cheered the first photo.

Twitter is applicable across various social media platforms

This proves that what is relevant on Twitter is applicable across various social media platforms. For that reason, keeping up with trending hashtags increase a better understanding of the whole social media eco-system. The same marketing approach can be taken across your chosen sites based on Twitter trends data to reach new customers and gain new followers.

Find leads – make connections!

At this point, we know some ways where Twitter data analytics can help your organization. But let’s not forget other extensive ways and taking extra-step for it to serve in an even more significant way.

Monitoring replies and mentions are essential for every business. People tend to go to Twitter to ask questions or raise concerns, and timely support or correct answer can save an existing customer or gain a new one. Moreover, you want to keep your audience engaged and show that customers are the most important. It helps to build relationships and spreading the word about your company across people who follow your audience.

Furthermore, researching competitors’ brands must include checking their communication with clients and what issues they are experiencing. Maybe you can provide a better solution or advice? Or maybe competition is doing something right, and it could be used as an example? By tracking mentions of competitors, you are able to analyze customer sentiments and opinions. It also enables tracking their engagement, which could be a great example of what works and whatnot. As mentioned before, content created by competition can help you understand what is trending now and react to it quickly. Maybe you can offer a better deal and service than the other company?

Competitors Tracking and Twitter Data analysis

By analyzing selected brand followers, you can build my perfect customer persona more accurately. What is more, you can build a custom-tailored audience and target Ads specifically to the people that are already interested in similar products or services. I can even find out their emails or phone numbers in their bio description if they choose to share it publicly on Twitter. It really helps to find new prospects and valuable partnerships.

Finding other businesses that work in a similar industry will not only help understand their audience. It helps to understand them! By filtering Twitter user accounts by a specific keyword helps to identify the right leads. Usually, business accounts leave their business websites present in the account to attract new customers. Your company can utilize that data and gather a huge list of businesses to collaborate.

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